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At Breda CrossBox we have the perfect combination between cosiness, fun and results. The great thing about CrossBox fitness is that it is not only fun, but also effective. When you follow a crosswod in breda, every sporting goal is actually achievable. Do you want to lose weight? You can. Working on building muscle mass? You’re welcome. Do you want to prevent injuries? Even then you’re fine. Our CrossBox Breda, for example, offers single and group subscriptions at competitive prices. You can always start, regardless of your level.


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From experience we have noticed that many people want to take lessons in groups, but cannot afford it. We want sports to be accessible to everyone, which is why we keep our subscriptions as affordable as possible.


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Would you like to become fitter and stronger, feel good about yourself, lose some kilos, push your limits, exercise or do you have another goal? Then choose Breda CrossBox! An accessible place where you can start at any level with this fun, reinforcing and sometimes addictive way of exercising! View the various options on the site, come and have a look or immediately plan a trial lesson for a CrossWod or Weightlifting.

Breda CrossBox is intended for young and old. Everyone is welcome. What makes us special is that, for both the younger athlete and the older athlete, we have the necessary extra knowledge, affinity and expertise in-house to be able to offer everyone tailor-made guidance.


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In our CrossBox you complete varied functional exercises at high intensity. The exercises come from three categories, namely M = metabolic fitness, G = gymnastics and W = weightlifting. In each training, exercises from 2 or 3 categories are bundled into a WOD (Workout Of the Day). You train in a group of max 10 athletes under the supervision of a trainer.
A CrossBox training allows you to complete varied functional exercises at high intensity. Varied, so that your body does not get used to standard exercises, but prepares you for all possible physical tasks and challenges. Functional exercises, you train movements that occur in your daily life and the quality of these is related to the quality of life. At high intensity, because research has shown that interval training has the greatest effect on the development of general endurance and on delivering a lot of power.


Personal Training

 Do you want a fitter, stronger and tighter body, more energy during the day, improve sport-specific performance or strengthen core muscles?
Do you want to successfully lose 0.5 to 1 kilo per week, become fitter, lead a healthy life and do you want these results to be permanent?
Our personal trainers can help you.


A WOD is a term used to mean a training. It is an abbreviation and stands for Workout of the Day. A WOD training often contains only a few exercises. This may not seem so heavy, but make no mistake: after finishing a WOD you are usually quite exhausted! Furthermore, many workouts also have a buy-in or buy-out. With a buy-in you first do the given assignment before you can start the WOD itself. The buy-in is often a run or row. When a workout has a buyout, you must first complete this assignment before completing the WOD. As with the buy-in, it often involves a run or row.


At Breda Crossbox you can also go for a boot camp in Breda, in which you work out with a cozy, small group and motivate each other to achieve your goal in a fun way.
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Open Gym uur

Open gym training sessions are moments during regular class hours. You can work in your own time on certain techniques for yourself, catch up on a workout that you missed the week or what you have always wanted to do yourself.
Check the schedule for the open gym hours.

For Ever Young CrossBOX

For whom?

Anyone who wants to get fitter and who has an hour during the day.
The workouts are easy to adapt to any level and age. You therefore need little movement experience.
Guidance by an experienced coach during the full hour
Training can always be adjusted to your own level

Meet our coaches

Ricardo Marchante

Ricardo Marchante

Youth Coach Brandx Method

Due to a disease I started 7 years ago at Breda Strength & Conditioning better known as bredasc to see if I would feel better after 1 month, 2 x a week I went through hell but after 3 months I definitely started to feel better. I thought I’d give it another 1/2 year and then I started to make real steps. 10 kg lighter and strongasfuck I kept this up for 2 years and then switched to CrossFit® at Impact Sports Academy.

As a former co-owner of Breda CrossFit BV, I started my own CrossBox myself.
Since then I feel super fit and strong and my blood values ​​are perfect. Despite my age, I am convinced that I will have to keep moving.


BrandX Method Youth Coach,
CrossTrainer Coach | CrossFit® Judges | CrossFit® MASTERS & CrossFit® Programming

Geweldig om kinderen aan het bewegen te krijgen.

Voetbal, Squash, Golf, CrossTraining


Kimberly Marchante

Kimberly Marchante

CrossTrainer & WeightLifting Coach

I am Kimberly, mother of 2 children and you can regularly find me at Breda CrossBox, as an athlete but also as a coach.
I think the latter is fantastic to do, helping people to exercise has become even more important today.


CrossTrainer & WeightLifting Specialist

Spinning Coach

WeightLifting, Latin Dance



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